Cedarwood B&B

If you look behind the molding throughout the house you’ll find Jacob’s name still written on the wood.  Jacob cleared and farmed the land around me. His brothers did the same on the adjacent lots. To earn extra income Jacob peddled his wares by horse and wagon throughout the Blue Mountain area. I regret to say that Jacob and Frances never had children to run up and down my staircases.
In the early 1900’s, an addition was added to my north side and I was given the name Cedarwood Farm.  My doors were opened to people who were recovering from Tuberculosis to come sit on my many porches and breathe in the fresh air. I recall one patient by the name Edie who took numerous photographs of the folks who stayed with me. These photos can still be viewed in my parlor and on the walls throughout my building.


I was built in the 1880’s on School House Road in North River, for Jacob and Frances Davis who were married in 1873. My design is that of a Victorian farmhouse. I stand proudly at 38 feet tall with 41 double hung original windows.  My façade looks as it did more than one hundred years ago.
In 1889, Julia Elizabeth Oliver (aka Jeanne Robert Foster, famous Adirondack poet) stayed in the house when she was  ten years old. Frances was her mother’s cousin.  During this period, Julia would accompany Jacob on his trips to Blue Mountain and help Frances with household chores. This is also where she learned to play the piano and read music. In a letter written to Julia from her mother she pleads with her daughter to return home but Julia wished to remain within my walls, until after one year her mother insisted that she go home.
I’m saddened to say that both Frances & Jacob died in 1918, from a form of Tuberculosis.  They left me to Frances’ sister Mary Raymond with the stipulation that she care for them until their death. Mary continued to welcome guests to sleep under my roof until 1945.  After that period August Raymond and his sister took in borders.

Much time passed before I had anyone to keep me company. There have been many stories told through the years about my being haunted.  I was not haunted, just lonely. I called out to fellow travelers as they passed along the road to    come in and visit but I only seemed to scare them away.  It wasn’t until 1986 when John & Millie O’Neill moved in with their son Greg that life was brought back into my rooms and fields. Once again animals grazed the fields and young teens laughed within my walls. Unfortunately, a fire was started in my cellar almost destroying me. If not for the quick action of Jim Harrison and fellow firefighters I would have been reduced to ashes and just another photograph for people to gaze at in books.

During the 1990’s, more than one hundred years after standing, I finally had small children running through my hallways and up and down my stairs. They climbed the apple trees that Jacob planted so many years before and discovered the many crevices that only a child can find.

In 2001, Louis & Sharalee Falzerano purchased me, making them my ninth owner in 129 years. They were able to see beyond my disguised interior, removing paneling and drop ceilings, bringing me back to my former glory. They lifted my   sagging center and replaced broken bones giving me the strength to last for many years to come. Once again, I am referred to as Cedarwood and welcoming guests to stay under my roof. I stand proudly in all my grandeur for everyone to see and if you dare, knock on my 129-year-old door and pay me a visit.
Cedarwood B&B, PO Box 75, North River, NY 12856  518-251-5575, Email: Cedarwood@frontiernet.net, www.cedarwoodbb.com